The Effective Proven Rms



"This new streamlined information system will break down the distance between police in different corners of the state - and further assist police to prevent, detect and solve crimes at a neighbourhood, regional and state level."

The Honourable Judy Spence, Minister for Police & Corrective Services, Queensland, Australia


“There is not another RMS in all the demos we saw, or in the police service site visits we went to, that were able to demonstrate the same capability as the Niche system.”

Acting Staff Sergeant Roman Calvano, Peel Police Service, Ontario, Canada


“Niche is a linking masterpiece.”

Rob Morrone, IT Manager of Business Solutions, Peel Police Service, Ontario, Canada


"The potential of RMS is fantastic and some of that potential is being realized to good effect across the UK, and indeed in police services in Canada and Australia . . . The improved recording and investigation has led to a rise in detections, particularly people being charged, summonsed and cautioned.”

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Shannon, North Wales Police, UK


“Hampshire Constabulary is now in the enviable position of having one of the most technologically advanced computer systems of any police force in the UK. It is estimated that more than 70,000 hours of police time will be freed up by Niche RMS, delivering tangible benefits both to officers at the frontline and the communities of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.”

Paul Kernaghan, Chief Constable, Hampshire Constabulary, UK


“We no longer have to print out tons and tons of paper . . . or remember lots of passwords.”

Inspector Ian Hearne, South Wales Police


“Officers will have access to all information on a person in custody – right now we have to interrogate several systems”

Inspector Ian Hearne, South Wales Police


“The Niche RMS is clearly a much more intuitive product than our legacy records management system . . . Another very significant benefit that I want to touch upon is that the search features of the Niche RMS database are extremely flexible . . . The search capabilities of the Niche RMS have been identified as one of its strongest features . . . In summary, we have been hearing very positive feedback from our staff around the introduction of the new [RMS] to their work environments. Because Niche Technology has incorporated modern technology throughout their product design, we feel that they are well suited to meet our as yet unknown future needs.”

Maurice Pilon, former Deputy Commissioner, Field and Traffic Services, Ontario Provincial Police


“Electronic tasking means that there is a full history of actions on a file leading to a service-wide greater knowledge of the progress of a case – improving the quality and speed of providing victim and witness case progress updates and less internal chase-up enquiries.”

Nikki Boardman, Merseyside Police, UK


“Niche RMS is powerful because officers can get anything they want from police cars, from statements to full reports to linked information. Information is the lifeblood of policing – the better data you have, the better job you can do.”

Sergeant Craig Hobson, Winnipeg Police Service, Canada


“We used to have to send records 45 days before a court date. Due to Niche RMS, we now exchange them in real time.”

Jo Baumgartner, Police Information and Evidence Management Manager, Niche Implementation Lead and Business Process Change Manager, Regina Police Service, Canada


“Niche RMS will give West Yorkshire officers instant access to all the information the force has on file, from thousands of mugshots and offender entries to detailed information on incidents and digital geographic mapping.”

Superintendent Ray Dance, West Yorkshire Police

Outgoing Canadian Niche User Group Chair, Peel Regional Police Staff Superintendent Roman Boychuk.


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