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US | July 1, 2016

Kansas City Missouri Police Department Selects Niche Technology’s Records Management System

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July 1, 2016

Kansas City Missouri Police Department Selects Niche Technology’s Records Management System

KANSAS CITY, MO: Niche Technology, the provider of police Records Management Systems (RMS) for , has been selected by the Kansas City Missouri Police Department to deploy and support an RMS solution that will provide the agency end-to-end information management capabilities.

NicheRMS will provide the agency’s 1,915 staff members with end-to-end police records management, from field reporting and management of investigations through to arrest, booking, charging and prosecution. The system’s single, integrated database also manages all details of master indexed persons, addresses, vehicles, objects and events. All information is available within NicheRMS, eliminating the need to maintain duplicate information in multiple systems.

Kansas City Missouri Police Department will also benefit from the multi-agency data sharing capabilities that NicheRMS can provide, allowing different agencies within the metro area to share information for more effective and efficient policing.

“We are very excited to begin using NicheRMS for our incident management needs,” said Sergeant Joy Colmar. “Our officers and staff are going to benefit greatly from having to access only one program for searching, logging and documenting incidents. This will allow them to be more effective and let us continue providing top-tier service to our citizens.”

The mission of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department is to protect and serve with professionalism, honor and integrity. NicheRMS is a cost-effective way for the agency to gain enhanced operational efficiencies in a variety of incident management areas, allowing the agency to focus on their mission.

About Niche Technology and NicheRMS Established in 1992, Niche Technology serves more than 118,975 sworn officers worldwide through the Niche Records Management System (NicheRMS). The company’s sole focus is the development, implementation, support and enhancement of law enforcement software. Niche Technology supports the specific requirements of policing to help ensure our system meets critical policing needs, especially in large police agencies. NicheRMS is used in more than 100 agencies, including 10 of the 30 largest police agencies in the English-speaking world. To learn more about Niche Technology, please contact us at