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RMS Overview


NicheRMS is a single, unified, operational policing system that manages information in relation to the core policing entities – people, locations, vehicles, organizations (businesses or other groups), incidents (or occurrences) and property/evidence.


NicheRMS is an incident-centric system. Policing is about managing incidents and, irrespective of the incident type, there are common information requirements in relation to the location, people involved, vehicles involved or property relevant to the incident – for example, a stolen television, a damaged car or a weapon.


Tasking and workflow functions support the management of an incident in the system: tasking an officer to take a statement, submit a report, etc. An overview of tasks being undertaken in relation to any particular incident, by an individual or a team, offers multiple options for understanding and reviewing progress on specific investigations or individual workloads. Workflow automates the movement of information within the application, automatically creating tasks, changing data security and performing other actions.


NicheRMS features a sophisticated security model that controls access to information at the domain level (typically a geographical policing area or a single police force in a multi-jurisdictional system) and at the role level (police positions such as patrol officer, supervisor, etc.). Additionally, Access Control Lists (ACLs) can be applied to individual records or groups of records to exercise fine-grained control over who can access what in the system.


There are six main functional areas in Niche RMS:


Crime management

Intelligence management

General incident management

Property management

Custody/prisoner management

Court case preparation


Crime management - Crime recording and management functionality supporting compliance with national standards where appropriate – for instance, the UK’s National Crime Recording Standard and the UCR and NIBRS statistical requirements in Canada and the US. Includes the capability to identify and manage race crime, homophobic crime and repeat victimization.


Intelligence management - Functionality supporting intelligence management. This could include material from covert sources, street stop checks, field observations, etc. The granular security model also allows informant management to be contained within the RMS.


Because NicheRMS provides the capability for all police agency data to be managed in a single system it can be used as the Intelligence Fusion Center for a jurisdiction.


General incident management - Current customers are using Niche RMS to manage areas such as street interventions, road traffic incidents (injury and non-injury accidents), sudden deaths, missing persons, child protection matters, domestic violence, neighbour disputes, prostitution, begging, anti-social behaviour, vulnerable persons, harassment, and general licensing (liquor licensing, licensed premises visits, etc.). This functionality can also be used to support operations targeting criminal networks, gangs or other organizations as well as problem solving and neighbourhood policing models.


Property management - Lost, found, seized, stolen, damaged and property taken into police possession for evidential purposes. This includes a full property management functionality facilitating evidential continuity tracking, stores management and disposal, warnings, etc. Barcode printing and scanning are supported to increase accuracy and productivity.


Custody/prisoner management - Full-featured custody/booking functionality supporting the capture of digital images of detainees and interfaces to facial recognition systems and fingerprint systems, meeting all process and legislative requirements of the jurisdictions where it is in use.


Court case preparation - Fully-featured electronic case preparation including warrant management, witness and victim management functionality. In the UK, NicheRMS is approved by ACPO (the Association of Chief Police Officers), HO (the Home Office) and CJIT (Criminal Justice Information Technology) for interfacing to the Criminal Justice Exchange. A number of UK services are live with this functionality and meeting the nationally mandated requirements to support “joined-up justice.”


A full understanding of the functional scope and flexibility of NicheRMS is best achieved through a demonstration of the system. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Niche Technology co-founder Dr. Roland Schneider outlines the vision for technical development that keeps the NicheRMS in the forefront of police information management technology.

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