News Release

US | November 6, 2020

The Kansas City Missouri Police Department’s Special Projects Section is the Recipient of a Special Unit Citation and Police Officer Kori Smeiska Also Receives a Meritorious Service Award

Special Unit Citation Award: NicheRMS Team

In March 2019, the Kansas City Missouri Police Department (KCPD) transitioned to NicheRMS. A large undertaking, this transition required the talents of the officers and civilian employees of the NicheRMS Team within KCPD’s Special Projects Section.

On October 13, 2020, the NicheRMS Team was the recipient of the KCPD Special Unit Citation Award. Nominated by Sergeant John Failer, the members of the NicheRMS Team were recognized for their commitment to not only learn how to operate NicheRMS, but also train the entire department.

Operating NicheRMS was very different than the previous system the department was using, and the NicheRMS Team exceeded its goals to ensure everyone within KCPD had the support needed to properly use the platform.

The Special Unit Citation recognizes the following members of the Special Projects Section for their exemplary performance and dedication to the KCPD NicheRMS Project:

  • (Ret.) Joy Colmar #4425
  • David McCunniff #5245
  • PO Kori Smeiska #5260
  • PO Stephen Emery #4648
  • PO Ryan Kaighen #4826
  • PO Ryan Swope #5428
  • Farhan Chowdhury #17457
  • David Westmoreland (Contractor)

“Each member played a very important role in ensuring the project was a success. Whether they were working on the front-end with the officers or working on the back end to make sure the program was running properly, all have been crucial in the success of the project,” said Sergeant John Failer.

Meritorious Service Award: Officer Kori Smeiska

During the NicheRMS implementation, Officer Kori Smeiska recognized that the agency needed someone with the knowledge to extract critical intelligence reports from NicheRMS. Stepping up to this challenge earned Officer Smeiska the KCPD Meritorious Service Award, which was awarded to her on October 13, 2020.

Though she never had formal training, Officer Smeiska took it upon herself to learn five different coding languages, which enabled her to produce XSLT style sheets, the preferred extraction method in NicheRMS. These XSLT style sheets display the information the KCPD formerly viewed using crystal reports.

Officer Smeiska’s self-taught knowledge of XSLT style sheets has allowed many of the crystal reports the KCPD has relied upon for years to be re-created, as well as adding several new reports for department use, including:

  • Case Management Audit
  • RMS Audit
  • STARS Validation Audit
  • Task Check Report
  • Property List Report
  • Municipal Court Transfer Sheet
  • Bond Receipt

Officer Smeiska’s continued dedication to ensuring officers and staff of the KCPD have access to these reports is essential to the ongoing success of the KCPD. Sergeant John Failer said, “With her exceptional initiative, tenacity, and self-motivation, Officer Smeiska has single-handedly made these vital reports available through Niche. PO Smeiska recognized the importance of these reports and took it upon herself to make sure our department not only survived this transition but thrived.”