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US | April 22, 2021

NicheRMS365™ Selected as the Police Records Management Platform for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department (SDSD) has chosen NicheRMS365™, the cloud engineered, mobile-first platform, to allow its deputies and staff to efficiently manage their operation.

Developed by Niche Technology Inc., NicheRMS365 covers the entire breadth of police information management in a single platform, giving the approximately 1,300 SDSD deputies and staff a focused operational view for each critical policing situation to increase deputy and citizen safety.

Secured in the Microsoft® Azure platform, NicheRMS365 delivers the mobility SDSD deputies need to work from any location on any device. NicheRMS365 also gives the SDSD greater visibility of vulnerable individuals, enabling deputies to prevent and solve crime, and bring culprits to justice.

With NicheRMS365, the SDSD can streamline daily business processes and experience the benefits of single data entry, with agency-wide data sharing to avoid duplication. Additional benefits provided by NicheRMS365 include:

  • Flexibility: NicheRMS365 will give deputies and staff immediate access to critical policing information, regardless of their location.
  • Multi-agency information sharing capabilities: The SDSD plans to act as the host agency for a county-wide NicheRMS365 consortium. NicheRMS365 accommodates each agency’s respective workflows and processes while sharing mission critical data, enabling agency collaboration for faster case resolution, enhanced crime prevention and citizen safety.
  • Seamless integration: NicheRMS365 easily interfaces with other policing technology to automate business processes.
  • Operational efficiencies: NicheRMS365 simplifies data entry through Guided Entry capabilities, providing fast, accurate reporting that’s easy for deputies.
  • NIBRS Compliance: NicheRMS365 is fully NIBRS compliant.

Niche is proud to support the SDSD as they carry out their mission to “provide the highest quality public safety services in an effort to make San Diego the safest urban county in the nation.”

About NicheRMS365

At Niche, our focus is on the information demands of frontline officers when seconds count. The responsive NicheRMS365 UI provides a consistent, intuitive user experience on phone, tablet, laptop and desktop devices, so agencies can simply train once and use anywhere – on any device.

NicheRMS365 is the cloud engineered, mobile-first platform that sets the standard for Police RMS worldwide, serving 162,000 sworn officers in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. It’s the most highly configurable, capable and respected RMS platform in the world.

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