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UK | March 17, 2017

Merseyside Police Go Live With Two Way Interface Functionality in NicheRMS

Mike Gardner
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17 March 2017

Merseyside Police Go Live With Two Way Interface Functionality in NicheRMS

MERSEYSIDE, UK: Merseyside Police has gone live with Two Way Interface (TWIF) functionality within NicheRMS, giving the Force the capability to exchange fielded, structured data with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

The TWIF functionality will enable the Force to securely send structured case information and evidential material to the CPS, while also allowing CPS to provide information updates and documents via a direct interface to Merseyside’s NicheRMS system. This will replace the need for the CPS to respond to the police via email and other communication methods, thereby improving the efficiency of both parties.

Officers will no longer have to manually merge information they receive from CPS into NicheRMS, such as support for a case’s pre-charge decision phase or updated information about a suspect. This elimination of re-keying information into NicheRMS allows for more effective and timely case management, while also resulting in a higher quality case file.

Since 2004, the more than 7,000 officers and support staff of Merseyside Police have used NicheRMS to effectively manage the Force’s Intelligence, Custody, Crime, Property, Case File Preparation and General Incident Management needs.

Merseyside Police believes “in putting our communities first in everything we do. We are proud to deliver an excellent policing service and we will continue to work with our communities to tackle the issues that concern them most.”

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