The World’s Leading
RMS in the Cloud

NicheRMS365 is the mobile-first platform that sets the standard for Police RMS worldwide. Agile and scalable, the NicheRMS365 platform is renowned on three continents for mobility, configurability, and operational ease-of-use. Its comprehensive scope with full mobile capability is just one of the reasons that NicheRMS365 serves more sworn officers than any other RMS.

Workflow Within NicheRMS365

Configurable built-in workflow sends tasks to individuals or teams, tracks overdue work and manages approvals. NicheRMS365 workflow makes sure that the right work gets to the right people and nothing is forgotten or misplaced.

Mobility with NicheRMS365:
Train Once, Use Anywhere
On Any Device

Wherever the call, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the full power of NicheRMS365 is with you. Whether it’s your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, NicheRMS365 will look the same, respond the same, and contain the same critical information you need so you can focus on your mission.

Share Information For More Effective Policing

NicheRMS365 enables, for the first time, advanced, shared information management among participating agencies.

That means efficiencies from one-time data entry, streamlined joint operations, and full information about persons, vehicles, or locations across the region is at your fingertips, in real-time.

  • Shared or per-agency data management: each agency controls what data is shared
  • Per-agency configuration

Integration With Existing Systems

NicheRMS365 includes a full set of common interfaces, including ones to state and national systems. Additionally, the NicheRMS365 Interface Toolkit allows police agencies and others to interface their systems to NicheRMS365.

Seeing Is Believing

To really understand what NicheRMS365 offers, you need to see a demonstration. Please contact us to make arrangements for an in-person or remote demo.

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