NicheRMS365 is the mobile-first platform that sets the standard for Police RMS worldwide.



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Investigation &
Crime Management




Case Preparation &
Criminal Justice

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We’ve Got You Covered

Upgrades included with support. World-class technical support. Project managers with policing experience. Learn why our customers regularly describe NicheRMS365 as the most stable system in their operation.

Seamless Integration

NicheRMS365 easily interfaces with other policing technology, eliminating interruptions so officers and staff stay focused on their mission.

Niche Knows Policing

Our project teams have a powerful mixture of professional PM knowledge and more than 400 years of combined policing experience. They know, and can meet, the needs of the modern-day police officer.

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Tailored for Large Agencies

NicheRMS365 is designed to meet the demands of large agencies, including connecting neighboring agencies for information-sharing consortiums.

Statistic Ring 3,200

The number of officers supported in the average-sized NicheRMS365 project

Statistic Ring 213k+

Sworn officers in over 180 agencies worldwide use NicheRMS365

Statistic Ring 20,000+

Users across 30 agencies: Niche’s largest far

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Niche Technology Privacy Policy

Niche Technology Inc. and its subsidiaries collect and retain personal information only as required for employment purposes, to contact customers and others with whom we have an ongoing business relationship, to manage Niche events, and to deal with requests for information and similar activities. Payment information (e.g. credit card numbers) is not retained beyond the time required to process the payment. Personal information is used internally only as required to manage staff, to manage events and provide support, and to manage external requests. It is shared only with government (e.g. tax authorities), third-party event organizations like hotels (only as required to manage the event), insurance providers, legal consultants, law enforcement and others as required by law. Personal information is never sold or distributed to other third parties.

Anyone submitting private information to Niche Technology consents to the use, retention and distribution of that information as described above. Anyone submitting private or confidential information via email acknowledges that email is not a secure means of communication and consents to the permanent retention of that information by Niche Technology, insofar as the nature of email storage means it cannot practically be guaranteed to be permanently deleted.

Niche Technology does not host or operate police systems. Niche does not generally have access to police data and cannot provide any useful information in response to police-related access to information requests. All requests for information concerning police data, actions, operations or use of computer systems must be directed to the police agency in question or to the relevant government authority.

Any formal access to information request sent to Niche Technology must contain sufficient information to allow Niche Technology to verify that the requestor is authorized to receive the information in question. However, before pursuing a formal request, particularly for police-related data, we recommend that the requestor contact Niche Technology informally as it is almost certain that Niche Technology does not have the information being sought, or is not legally permitted to provide it.

Any questions regarding Niche Technology’s privacy policy should be emailed to or mailed to Niche Technology Inc. / 629 McDermot Ave. / Winnipeg MB Canada  R3A 1P6.