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UK | March 12, 2013

Dorset Police Selects Niche Technology’s Record Management System Solution

Mike Gardner
Niche Technology
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12 March 2013

Dorset Police Selects Niche Technology’s Record Management System Solution

DORSET, UK: The Dorset Police force has chosen Niche Technology’s Records Management System (RMS) as an integral component of their Crime and Policing plan.

The Niche RMS will provide Dorset Police with one integrated platform for all their data management initiatives, such as Vulnerability Management, Custody and Detainee Management, Electronic Case Preparation, Property Management, Investigation and Intelligence Management, Anti Social Behaviour, Domestic Abuse, Repeat Offending, Stop and Search and Witness and Victim Management.

The use of the Niche RMS solution will give the force’s more than 1,200 sworn officers a single location to access and input information related to policing and intelligence events. This will enable the Force to continue to develop and move towards digital working and the implementation of a fully integrated mobile policing solution, fit for 21st century policing.

“We’re excited for the operational and financial benefits we’re going to experience using the Niche RMS solution.” Said Colin Stanger, Programme Director for the Dorset Police Smarter Systems Programme. “Having one technology that houses our incident information will help keep us moving forward as a force and help us better protect the citizens of Dorset.”

The Dorset Police force is “made up of command areas and teams of staff that are dedicated to making this county an even safer and better place to live and work.” Their operational priorities include reducing the number of victims of crime and anti-social behavior, reducing the number of people seriously harmed in Dorset, helping protect the public from serious threats to their safety including organised crime and terrorism, reducing re-offending, increasing people’s satisfaction with policing in Dorset and supporting neighbourhood policing that is appropriate for both rural and urban communities in Dorset.

ABOUT NICHE TECHNOLOGY AND NICHE RMS Established in 1992, Niche Technology serves 108,000 sworn officers worldwide through the Niche Records Management System (Niche RMS). The company’s sole focus is the development, implementation and enhancement of law enforcement software. Niche Technology supports the specific requirements of policing to help ensure our software meets critical policing needs, especially in large police agencies. Niche RMS is used in more than 100 agencies, including 10 of the 30 largest police agencies in the English-speaking world. To learn more about Niche Technology, please contact us at