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UK | October 24, 2014

Niche Technology’s Records Management System Helps Sussex Police Forces Experience Faster Investigation Resolution

Mike Gardner
Niche Technology
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24 October 2014

Niche Technology’s Records Management System Helps Sussex Police Forces Experience Faster Investigation Resolution

SUSSEX, UK: The value of collaboration in the fight against crime was recently highlighted when Sussex Police agreed to host a multi-jurisdictional information exchange in a single Records Management System (RMS).

In a first for UK policing, Sussex and Surrey police jointly implemented the Niche RMS solution and, within hours of doing so, arrested four men for burglary. After spotting a suspicious vehicle, officers searched the Vehicle Number Plate through the Niche RMS solution, which allows for joint data sharing between the forces, and found the vehicle was linked with four suspected burglars, whom the officers were able to apprehend.

These rapid arrests were possible because investigating officers could immediately see information held by both forces that would previously have been kept separate. The collaborative arrangement sees Sussex police hosting the RMS on behalf of both forces enabling staff to share information relating to crime recording and investigation, intelligence, custody and electronic case management.

Speaking about the success of the collaborative arrangement, Chief Constable of Sussex Giles York said, “We are seeing real examples every day of the benefit of this collaboration as we are able to link information to solve crimes that might previously have been undetected.”

More than 4,800 sworn officers and staff from both forces benefit from the deployment of Niche’s Single Domain Solution as information is no longer contained within each force boundary, and provides the opportunity for both forces to seamlessly improve the fight against crime whilst improving victim care and reassurance.

ABOUT NICHE TECHNOLOGY AND NICHE RMS Established in 1992, Niche Technology serves 108,000 sworn officers worldwide through the Niche Records Management System (Niche RMS). The company’s sole focus is the development, implementation and enhancement of law enforcement software. Niche Technology supports the specific requirements of policing to help ensure our software meets critical policing needs, especially in large police agencies. Niche RMS is used in more than 100 agencies, including 10 of the 30 largest police agencies in the English-speaking world. To learn more about Niche Technology, please contact us at