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US | April 5, 2015

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Selects Niche Technology to Provide the Niche Records Management System Solution

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April 5, 2015

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Selects Niche Technology to Provide the Niche Records Management System Solution

SAN ANTONIO, TX: Niche Technology, the leading provider of police Records Management Systems (RMS) for more than 100 police agencies, including 10 of the 30 largest agencies in the English-speaking world, has been selected by the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office on behalf of all Bexar County Law Enforcement Offices/Departments, and all Bexar County Regional Information Sharing Hub (BC-RISH) supported agencies, to deploy a regional multi-jurisdiction, multi-agency law enforcement RMS inclusive of Field Based Reporting. Bexar County is the 17th largest urban county in the country and home to the Alamo – a recent UNESCO designated World Heritage site.

As a cost-effective Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution, Niche RMS will be used by more than 1,000 sworn officers for their complete incident management needs. With mobile and desktop capabilities, Niche RMS will provide the agency’s deputies and staff a single, unified operational system. It is anticipated that the new RMS will allow Bexar County and its partner agencies to become data‐driven policing organizations where data is also shared to detect and reduce cross-jurisdictional crime.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and all the partner agencies will also benefit from the powerful search capabilities of Niche RMS, which allows officers to instantly access all the information any connected agency has on file, from incident details to mugshots to links between incident elements.

“Niche Technology was able to prove the effectiveness of Niche RMS through customer references,” said Robert Adelman, Public Safety Communications Manager. “The fact that every one of their customer sites is reference-able and so willing to share the successes they’ve had with Niche RMS showed us that this solution is going to help us and our partners be more efficient in their daily law enforcement duties.”

”We are excited to work with Bexar County and believe their regional perspective to helping citizens and tackling crime will become a model for other Major Counties across the country” said Craig Hannah, Vice President of Business Development at Niche.

ABOUT NICHE TECHNOLOGY AND NICHE RMS Established in 1992, Niche Technology serves 108,000 sworn officers worldwide through the Niche Records Management System (Niche RMS). The company’s sole focus is the development, implementation, support and enhancement of law enforcement software. Niche Technology supports the specific requirements of policing to help ensure our system meets critical policing needs, especially in large police agencies. Niche RMS is used in more than 100 agencies, including 10 of the 30 largest police agencies in the English-speaking world. To learn more about Niche Technology, please contact us at