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UK | June 1, 2015

British Transport Police Selects Niche Technology’s Records Management System Solution

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1 June 2015

British Transport Police Selects Niche Technology’s Records Management System Solution

CAMDEN TOWN, LONDON, UK: Niche Technology, the leading provider of police Records Management Systems (RMS) for more than 100 police agencies, including 10 of the 30 largest agencies in the English-speaking world, has been selected by the British Transport Police to provide Niche RMS for incident management on Britain’s railways.

Niche Technology will supply the established strength of 3,000 officers with the technology necessary to seamlessly manage all aspects of Crime Recording, Investigation, Intelligence Management, Vulnerability Management, Custody and Detainee Management and Electronic Case Preparation.

The Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Niche RMS system was recognized by British Transport Police for its integration and data sharing capabilities. As British Transport Police embark on an organisational-wide transformation project, one of the key deliverables is to simplify the technical estate by moving away from silo systems to reduce the overall cost of ownership. The single, integrated system will deliver a view on British Transport Police data, allowing golden entities such as Names, Addresses and Vehicles to be maintained and managed across the UK.

As intelligence is developed within British Transport Police, Niche RMS will provide a unique environment allowing data to be exchanged with other forces. The significant reduction in data duplication will provide a greater level of transparency across the organisation as data becomes more accessible to all officers. Greater efficiency will be driven through the ability to electronically exchange data with the Courts and other Criminal Justice bodies.

“Niche RMS has been tried and tested with other forces in the UK, and we’re excited the software will be supporting our officers,” said British Transport Police Superintendent Chris Horton. “Niche RMS will give us the ability to search and share information across UK forces, enabling us to keep providing a quality service to the six million people who use our rail systems every day.”

The mission of the British Transport Police is to “aim to keep you safe on your journey and make you feel secure. Our officers follow our vision, mission and values so we can provide the best possible service.” The Force will use Niche RMS as they provide serve to rail operators, staff and passengers around the country.

ABOUT NICHE TECHNOLOGY AND NICHE RMS Established in 1992, Niche Technology serves 108,000 sworn officers worldwide through the Niche Records Management System (Niche RMS). The company’s sole focus is the development, implementation, support and enhancement of law enforcement software. Niche Technology supports the specific requirements of policing to help ensure our system meets critical policing needs, especially in large police agencies. Niche RMS is used in more than 100 agencies, including 10 of the 30 largest police agencies in the English-speaking world. To learn more about Niche Technology, please contact us at