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AUS | November 26, 2019

Tasmania Police Takes First Step Towards Digital Transformation With Successful ‘Atlas’ Go Live

The Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management teamed up with systems integration partner bdna and software vendor Niche Technology to implement a new policing information system called Atlas, celebrating a successful go live in October 2019. The delivery timeframe of 15 months, 2 weeks culminated in the new system being implemented on time and on budget, without significant operational inconvenience or risk to the public or workforce.

With ageing technical infrastructure and data spanning multiple disjointed systems, Tasmania Police needed a modern, integrated solution that provided better access to reliable information. Project Director, Commander Mark Mewis, reiterated the need for the replacement system: “Information and intelligence have always been the lifeblood of policing. There are obvious safety implications for both the community and our police members if information is delayed, inaccurate or incomplete.”.

The initial implementation of Atlas was a significant achievement. It required integrating NicheRMS™ into an environment with 30 existing legacy systems and migrating a combined total of over 128 million data records from 6 separate source systems – some housed in databases established in 1988.
Go live was a carefully orchestrated event. Over 400 lines of activities were timed down to the minute and scheduled for execution within a 24 hour window. Despite external factors that caused delays, Atlas ultimately went live less than 5 minutes behind schedule, attributable to meticulous planning, coordination and contingency strategies.

On the success of the Atlas implementation, bdna Executive Consultant, Justin Collins said: “Successful digital transformation comes down to people, not systems. This fantastic outcome demonstrates the value of a collaborative approach between project partners and team culture.”.

The initial implementation of Atlas has provided Tasmania Police with 63.9 million verified and reliable data records, vastly improved search capabilities, greater visibility of safety alerts and instant access to intelligence reports. Expanded functionality is planned for future releases with the foundations of system integration now complete.
Bdna have in-depth experience in the end to end management of digital transformation in both Public Safety and Healthcare Services.