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UK | July 27, 2021

NicheRMS365™ Selected as the Police Records Management Platform for Humberside Police

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Mike Gardner
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HUMBERSIDE, UK – Humberside Police has chosen NicheRMS365™ as the force embarks on an organizational-wide business migration program to deploy the entire breadth of the NicheRMS365 policing platform.

NicheRMS365 allows information to be managed, processed and shared, enabling Humberside Police to have greater visibility on Vulnerable Individuals, to prevent and detect crime, bring culprits to justice, and increase community safety.

NicheRMS365 covers the entire breadth of police information management in a single platform, giving the 3500 sworn Humberside officers and staff a focused operational view for each critical policing situation to increase citizen safety.

NicheRMS365 delivers the operational capability officers need to work from any location, on any device. Humberside Police will be able to have a seamless experience simultaneously using the functionality of both the Microsoft 365 product set and the NicheRMS365 platform.
With NicheRMS365, Humberside Police can streamline daily business processes, and experience the benefits of single data entry, with force-wide data sharing to avoid duplication. Additional benefits provided by NicheRMS365 include:
• Flexibility: NicheRMS365 will give officers and staff immediate access to critical policing information, regardless of their location.

• Technical/Functional Stability: NicheRMS365 offers a highly robust and secure operational platform that supports all Humberside Police’s records management needs: Crime Intelligence, Recording, and Investigation, Custody Management, Property and Forensics Management, Case Management, and Safeguarding and Vulnerability Management. Additionally, NicheRMS365 offers Reporting, Tasking, Briefing and Mobility capabilities to further support frontline police officers.

• Operational efficiencies: NicheRMS365 simplifies data entry through our unique Guided Entry capabilities, providing fast, accurate reporting that’s easy for officers. Our Guided Entry capability is sensitive to the incident that is being processed and adapts accordingly based on the data capture requirements of different incident classifications.

Niche is proud to support the mission of Humberside Police “to create safe and strong communities, where people know how to protect themselves and are able to make informed decisions.”

About NicheRMS365
At Niche, our focus is on the information demands of frontline officers when seconds count. The responsive NicheRMS365 UI provides a consistent, intuitive user experience on phone, tablet, laptop and desktop devices, so agencies can simply train once and use anywhere – on any device.

NicheRMS365 is the mobile-first platform that sets the standard for Police RMS worldwide, serving 162,000 sworn officers in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia. It’s the most highly configurable, capable and respected RMS platform in the world.

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