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UK | August 23, 2023

Gloucestershire Constabulary Select NicheRMS for Innovative Police Information Management

Gloucestershire Constabulary Chief Constable Rod Hansen and Police and Crime Commissioner Chris Nelson at the Niche Technology contract signing.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM – Gloucestershire Constabulary has procured a new records management system (RMS) to replace its current system. NicheRMS is an RMS that manages all aspects of crime recording, investigation, intelligence, vulnerability, prevention activities, detainee management, voluntary attendance, and property management – as well as electronic case preparation.

“Procuring NicheRMS will be a giant leap forwards, giving us a single system that will consolidate a number of functions and allow for greater collaboration with other forces and agencies,” said Chief Constable Rod Hansen. “This investment supports the Constabulary’s ongoing endeavours to continually improve and get better, enhancing in particular our service to victims and witnesses. Acquiring NicheRMS is a further example of our determination to give our officers and staff the best tools for the job – with IT that adds value to their work to keep people in Gloucestershire safe from harm.”

NicheRMS should allow the Constabulary to enhance the way it records crime, ensuring it can meet national standards, and crucially, help the Force comply with the Victims’ Code. It should also act a single source of truth and assist the organisation to become more data compliant.

NicheRMS has a series of automated smart Guided Entry Forms (GEFs) that will make it easier to enter information and let the user know if there are missing fields that need to be completed. The platform will provide an integrated Public Protection Notification (PPN), Mental Health Form and other opportunities such as a Missing Person module that will enable the user to view previous missing episodes. There will be an interface with STORM that will deliver STORM data directly into NicheRMS, eliminating the need to enter details twice.

NicheRMS can also support a wide range of other policing functions such as anti-social behaviour and Integrated Offender Management, thereby providing enhanced or newly integrated opportunities and features. There will be potential to develop links to the Duty Management System; with Livescan (for fingerprints); and with the Single Online Home (which is useful for when people report crimes through the Gloucestershire Constabulary website); it also provides an interface with Pronto and will have an address gazetteer.

NicheRMS also offers the opportunity to adopt further modules that will integrate with some other systems so its effectiveness could increase over time. It also promises to markedly improve the way the Constabulary store, retrieve and analyse data and gives the Force the chance to move away from old legacy systems that are unsupported and not linked to one another.

“The decision to move to NicheRMS is a substantial and vital investment which will do so much to realise the priorities of my Police and Crime Prevention Plan,” said Police and Crime Commissioner Chris Nelson. “An effective records management system is indispensable to modern policing; it allows us to use good quality data to investigate crimes, build strong evidential cases and ultimately to identify offenders and secure justice for victims. NicheRMS will provide us here in Gloucestershire with a more integrated way of working that will help officers to do their jobs more efficiently using intuitive and streamlined processes – all of which will help deliver an enhanced service to the public.”

NicheRMS is used by nearly two in three forces (who integrate it to their Command and Control systems) so adopting NicheRMS will allow for great collaboration with partners across the country. It will be far easier to manage and participate in joint operations and intelligence sharing with neighbouring police forces who also use NicheRMS, such as Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

Gloucestershire Constabulary will also join the Minerva Programme, a group of 28 police forces using NicheRMS to work together to tackle cross-border offending. Being part of Minerva will allow the Constabulary to consolidate a range of standalone systems into NicheRMS.

For Gloucestershire Constabulary, NicheRMS is a giant leap towards a single system that will deliver much of what their staff need to do their job.

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