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CAN | August 24, 2023

Edmonton Police Service First in Western Canada to Go Live With NicheRMS365


EDMONTON, ALBERTA — Niche Technology is pleased to announce the Edmonton Police Service’s (EPS) successful launch and implementation of NicheRMS365, the world’s leading RMS platform used by large police agencies in North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

“Making the change to the new NicheRMS365 was the single biggest business transformation for the Edmonton Police Service in over a decade, and impacted almost every employee,” says Ron Anderson, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer with the EPS.

“For two years our staff worked with Niche to prepare for the rollout, and over 2,500 sworn and civilian employees completed over 100,000 hours of training on the new system.”

According to Fiona Scrimshaw, Niche Technology’s Vice President, Project Management, the processes involved in training, implementing, and launching the world’s most powerful RMS demanded nothing short of serious change management within the EPS.

“I’ve worked with major police agencies throughout the world, and the commitment and dedication of the EPS members was second to none when it came to rolling out the most comprehensive version ever of NicheRMS365,” Scrimshaw says. “From the front line to the back room, sworn officers and staff at all levels were fully engaged in a process that any Fortune 500 company would consider a major business transformation – and a huge success!”

The EPS’s conversion involved moving from an earlier version of NicheRMS, with EPS customizations, to Niche’s latest out-of-the-box (OOTB) platform. The effort culminated with the successful launch in Edmonton in May 2023.

“When we transitioned from our previous records management system to NicheRMS365, we saw the smooth migration of 15 years of data, a smooth integration process to our other systems, and a successful launch that exceeded our best expectations,” Anderson summarizes.

With the EPS now fully up and running on NicheRMS365, Niche Technology’s RMS platform now serves approximately 53,000 sworn officers in Canada.

About Edmonton Police Service

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) is a metropolitan police force in Alberta, Canada. As a modern service, the EPS is committed to increasing community safety and balances traditional policing practices with social needs through community partnerships, leveraging data-driven evidence, and an innovative workforce that reflects the city it serves.

About Niche Technology and NicheRMS365

At Niche, we focus on the information demands of frontline officers when seconds count. The responsive NicheRMS365 UI provides a consistent, intuitive user experience on phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop devices, so agencies can simply train once and use anywhere – on any device.

Our customers have rewarded that commitment by making us the leading RMS provider worldwide, with more large police agencies using NicheRMS365 than our top six competitors combined. It’s the most highly configurable, capable, and respected RMS platform in the world.