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From information sharing to eliminating siloed systems, learn how police agencies use NicheRMS365 to increase efficiencies and better serve their citizens.


AUS - Queensland Police Service

Australia’s Fastest Growing State Replaces 234 Systems With NicheRMS

Australia’s Fastest Growing State Replaces 234 Systems With Niche RMS

Queensland Police Service (QPS) is one of Australia’s largest, with more than 10,000 sworn officers policing a population of over four million. The state of Queensland presents unique challenges to the delivery of policing as it covers 25% of Australia’s landmass, and is home to the country’s fastest growing population.



QPS’ NicheRMS implementation, called QPRIME, delivered NicheRMS in three phases: Phase 1 — low volume incidents and a statewide intelligence function — rolled out in February 2006; Phase 2 — all high volume incidents including crime — in June 2007; while Phase 3 — custody and electronic case file preparation — was delivered in October 2008. All phases were delivered on time and on budget. RMS in Queensland supports 2,500 concurrent users, and the annual management of 980,000 incidents of various types, 430,000 crimes, 185,000 street checks and intelligence submissions, 100,000 prisoners through custody, and 120,000 offences processed to the Courts. QPRIME also supports an enterprise-wide information analysis solution and mapping capability, and will provide the foundation for the delivery of mobile data.



In 2000, QPS embarked upon an ambitious program to replace its core operational policing systems with a central recording system for person, location, vehicle and incident information. The Service conducted an extensive international search for a suitable solution, which included assessments of possible providers from across the English-speaking world. In 2004, QPS selected NicheRMS as the foundation for an integrated policing system designed to support all operational policing requirements. In implementing QPRIME, QPS has replaced 234 separate systems with one single application — NicheRMS. Queensland’s business case predicts that the reduction in double keying of data into legacy systems created by moving to a single solution for operational policing needs alone will generate time savings equivalent to 900 officer years, or a 10% increase in effective time.


  • Deployment of NicheRMS to the nearly 10,000 sworn members of QPS providing a single master file of operational information across eight policing regions in a state that measures 1,250 miles north to south and 900 miles east to west.
  • Establishment of a statewide intelligence function and a single record of entry for all people, locations, vehicles, property and incidents.
  • Over 200 separate systems replaced with one solution once QPRIME is complete.
  • Realization of efficiency savings equivalent to 10% of Queensland’s sworn officer strength.