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From information sharing to eliminating siloed systems, learn how police agencies use NicheRMS365 to increase efficiencies and better serve their citizens.


AUS - Tasmania Police

Tasmania Police: Project Unify


With ageing technical infrastructure, disjointed and incomplete information, and data spanning multiple non‑integrated systems, Tasmania Police requested the assistance of partner organisations to implement a modern police records system.
Some of the key requirements were:

  • Replacement of 1980’s legacy systems with a contemporary, integrated system
  • Enhanced search capabilities for front‑line officers
  • Reduced reliance on locally managed technical infrastructure
  • Ability to implement solution progressively, and easily scale‑up functionality over multiple releases
  • Increased data security
  • Cleansing of existing data records
  • Improved data exchange with national systems

Solution bdna was engaged by Tasmania Police to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of the NicheRMS™ solution.
By forming a collaborative partnership with Tasmania Police and the application vendor, Niche Technology, we established a highly effective ‘One Team’ approach between all project partners. The NicheRMS™ solution and a new ‘Compass’ integrated search capability were configured, integrated, tested and implemented on time and on budget without significant operational inconvenience or risk to the public or workforce.