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From information sharing to eliminating siloed systems, learn how police agencies use NicheRMS365 to increase efficiencies and better serve their citizens.


UK - Hampshire Constabulary

Top UK Service Selects NicheRMS After Worldwide Search of Integrated Solution Systems

Hampshire Constabulary

Hampshire Constabulary is the UK’s second largest non- metropolitan force, with 4,000 sworn officers and 2,000 civilian staff.


Niche RMS supports every major area of operational policing for Hampshire Constabulary. An interface between the force’s Command & Control system and the RMS feeds all relevant data about incidents into the system when the incident is closed in CAD, populating the RMS with CAD information in near-real time and making it accessible to other staff with no need to re-key data.

RMS provides the capability to manage incidents throughout their lifecycle, including, where necessary, the electronic preparation of case papers. The workflow tools provide the capability for all supervisors to effectively manage all incidents and to intervene to provide guidance and direction where appropriate. A sophisticated three-dimensional security model based on roles and “need to know” supports intelligence management and information about sensitive inquiries, including child protection matters and professional standards investigations.


Hampshire originally supported operational policing using a variety of IT systems, many of which were stand-alone applications treating areas like crime, intelligence, custody and case file tracking as separate business processes. Hampshire’s management decided that the technology needed to be updated and, in June 2002, a small team initiated a worldwide search of systems that would provide an integrated solution to information management for all core operational policing processes. At the same time, the team began reviewing existing policing processes and organizational structures to eliminate inefficiencies as well as provide better service to the public and frontline officers.

After deciding that a new records management system (RMS) was the preferred solution for updating Hampshire’s operational policing support, the team’s next objective was to identify a robust, proven, scaleable RMS that had already been deployed to police agencies with a similar or greater number of sworn officers. Research identified a small number of suitable suppliers, who were invited to participate in a competitive public procurement process. Niche Technology emerged the clear winner.

Implementation of Niche RMS began in February 2003 with business fit analysis, process mapping and project team training. Phased rollout of the RMS application to staff began in April 2005 and was completed in June 2006.

  • Hampshire’s Niche RMS implementation has already demonstrated efficiency and cash savings amounting to £25 million in the 2009/2010 financial year.
  • The project had a strong focus on re-engineering business processes and organizational structures.
  • Business benefits were also key for ensuring ROI in light of the scope and scale of the program — the largest business change project the force had ever undertaken.
  • Officers now search just one application to acquire operational information; business processes have been standardized; supervisors can better manage work in progress; and user training and system support have been simplified thanks to legacy applications being made redundant.
  • The system also provides operational officers with faster, more complete information at the point of first response to incidents, with additional benefits for officer safety.